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Chicago, Illinois April 14, 2017
“We may have been a little overzealous with our passenger removal protocols. The video does not tell the whole story though. Where are the feel-good videos showing our flight attendants handing out pillows and slippers? That is never online, I noticed. Only the most outrageous out of context situations are captured. Was he really a doctor? Could he prove he had patients appointments back home? If he did, were they really so critical that he must personally attend or could someone else handle it? These are the questions we need answers to and quick. You have my word, this investigation is not over. We’ll continue to make our side of the argument and keep this issue alive as long as it takes no matter how low our stock goes or our moral sinks. Just on principal alone we must stay the course regardless of the outcome. Boycott us or not, we could care less. We don’t own much of this operation anyway. It belongs to the stockholders and almost none of them work here. If United goes the way of TWA or Eastern Airlines, who cares? A different airline will pick up the routes and we’ll just all get jobs there. Meanwhile, do what we say or I think you know the consequences”. ~~slater.comĀ©