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Washington, DC June 22, 2017
“We love Nancy”, says House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “She’s the greatest at clinging to power in an ever-shrinking Democratic party. Some of us think she or maybe her husband are closet Conservatives. We just have to mention her name and votes swing our way. Democrats fear her and what she really cares about most is her big office. She loves it and won’t step aside for the sake of her party. She is our best weapon and it’s no secret. The Dems know it but they’re afraid to confront her and ease her out. As long as she’s in, we win”. ~~slater.com©


Washington DC October 8, 2015
Today at a Capitol Hill news conference Congressman McCarthy made a statement related to his decision to step down as a candidate for Speaker of the House of Representatives. “My fellow Americans, today is a good day but a sad day. I must announce something that everyone already knew. I am not now nor have I ever been a Speaker. Due to some personal issues that I don’t wish to discuss, my ability to string a few sentences together in a cohesive and coherent manner has been called into question on any number of occasions. I mean of all the jobs I could have tried for, Speaker? C’mon, I was hornswoggled and bamboozled into this contest. They forced me in and now they’re pushing me out and I know why too. There’s no question that this is a clear-cut case of discrimination based on personal speech style and content. How I speak, what I say, when I talk and in what way has been called into question on more than just this day. Am I being forced out by my political Hilary-bashing Benghazi interview? No. Will a forthcoming legal action by me against Republican leadership over this obvious discriminatory election hierarchy process be disruptive to our collegiality? No more so than Senator Cruz calling Republican leadership liars on the Senate floor. I’m not alone, there are others. You should be well aware of who I am referring to. I can do many things well by the way. I am a first rate glad-hander. I can schmooze constituents like nobody’s business. I raise cain and prod contributors into seeing things our way when need be. There’s plenty I can do here. I’m not leaving Congress under this cloud or any conceivable circumstances, y’here me? I’m here to stay. I vow to never allow term-limits. We will never get together and fire ourselves, that I can firmly assure you today. I can get things done. Lots of things. We don’t need to go through the list. Just trust me. Plenty of things are getting done. You just watch future things that’ve been done in the past will rear their heads and come into being forthwith. It’s times like these that try mens souls and so on and so forth. Although I’m quitting the race today, we have not yet begun to fight, on that you can rest assured. Our biggest challenge recently has been our lack of a proper scapegoat. We do kinda function best when we have some Democrats to kick around but with Obama leaving soon and Republican control of both houses we’re starting to eat our young. And being the pro-life party, that’s just not good policy”.—slater.com©


Washington, DC October 1, 2015
Today Kevin McCarthy responded to the firestorm of criticism hurled in his direction by Democratic leaders. “It was all just a silly missunderstanding”, McCarthy said. “I didn’t even really say what they said I said”. McCarthy was shown the Sean Hannity interview tape and asked to respond. “Could it be that the media would have liked me to admit such things and that the video which could very well have been altered just happened to fall into Democratic hands? Is it possible that during a private conversation with my good friend Sean, things were taken out of context? Perhaps once again just when the Clintons needed a patsy to take attention from their most recent charges, they targeted me the presumptive next Speaker of the House? Did you consider any of those explanations?” McCarthy was asked if he is suggesting that the tape was a fake and that the interview on Hannity did not happen. “I speak with my friend Sean all of the time. I cannot be expected to remember each word of every sentence we discuss. Did we ever speak of Hillary? Yes. Is she my favorite person and my best girl? No. But read between the lines and let’s face facts. What I say in a moment of transparent honesty should not be held to the same standard as you might with say, inside the beltway political gibberish. Look there’s a game here and there are rules. If I need to stop speaking my mind on Fox, where can I get things off my chest? Where can I speak freely? What about article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? May I remind you that in 1689 England’s Bill of Rights legally established the constitutional right of Freedom of Speech in Parliament which is still in effect?” But Mr. McCarthy even with all of that taken into consideration, you are being formally accused by the Democrats of spending almost 5 million dollars on a partisan witch hunt. The accusation states that you intentionally used the murder of brave Americans as a tool to reduce the stature of the Secretary of State of the United States of America thereby insulting their memories and their families not to mention helping the terrorists to acheive their goal of splintering US citizens and leaders into factions under their well known divide and conquer strategy. What say you? “I will not take these baseless spurious hollow charges lying down. I will rise up and seek the truth wherever it may take me and back I might add. Say what you will about me if you must but I am proud to be an American and I always will be”. Sir, I’m not sure that your response even touched on my question, I mean even in the slightest way. Could you drill it down a little for me? “Sure son, look I didn’t bring this on the Clintons. The Clintons did. I can’t be blamed for their misdeeds now can I? Remember a stitch in time saves nine.” I don’t know what you’re talking about congressman McCarthy, can I get you a glass of water and would you like to sit down for a moment? “Son, in these perilous times of war we find ourselves in one must reach back and locate the inner strength to go on. After I am elected Speaker I’ll call you in for an in-depth interview where we can lay it all out clear as day for everyone to see. How’s that sound to you kid?” Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you in the future but could you give me anything on the Benghazi investigation that you spoke of with Sean Hannity where you seemed to indicate that the main purpose of the investigation was to harm Hillary Clintons chances at becoming the next President? “Sure here’s your take-away son, Edgar Bergen once told me, Charlie he said, that’s what he called me, he said Charlie just keep your mouth open a little and as if by magic the right words will come out one at a time. So far they always have”. —slater.com©