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Des Moines, Iowa February 7, 2020
“Bernie says I’m trying to buy the election, but in reality, he is the one schmearing the dough and buttering palms in his attempt to get elected. Bernie Sanders is offering money to people in the form of canceling their debt on college loans. That is like handing out cash to pay bills. He also wants to hand out money to people in the form of healthcare. Free healthcare for all! Wonderfull! Uh, exactly what will be the motivation beyond goodwill that will get the best and brightest out of bed to study and practice for years the art and science of medicine? Oh, I know, because Bernie said to. Sorry Bernie, I am using my resources to advertise my candidacy. You are using your resources to promise reimbursement to many of your supporters. Although we’re both millionaires or billionaires, only one of us owes anyone anything post-election.”©


Iowa January 25, 2016
Donald Trump today took exception to analysis of his 5th Avenue shooter gaff. “Yes, I can do anything and still be immensely popular. But that’s not always comforting to me. Everyone else has some kind of internal governor that keeps them facing true north most of the time. I need to constantly stop myself and hold back from lashing out and well, just doing whatever I want to. It seems like a huge advantage most of the time but it is a lot of work. I get worn down because the world is more than my oyster, it’s my fricken giant clam and it’s still growing. I need to constantly look for the next pearl and I tell ya it isn’t always easy to find. How would you like it if there were no parents telling you what you could and couldn’t do when you were growing up? My parents got fed up trying to control me and sent me to military academy. But now I’m out here on my own. My parents are gone. The military academy has shut down. For the sake of both Corinthians, somebody help me please. Look I know what you’re thinking. Pull yourself together Trumpy. Keep a stiff upper lip. Put one foot in front of the other and march like back in school. Yeah, I know. But it is not easy being the kid who doesn’t have a curfew. We like to test our parents limits but I got no parents and apparently no limits. Anyway, I still have my 10 Billion dollars to fall back on. At least that brings me some comfort. But yesterday Mike Bloomberg announced that he might run. He’s got between 5 and 10 times my net worth. That means I won’t be top dog billionaire. And I don’t move off my top perch for nobody. Hear me? Nobody. So tell Mikey to take a hike and go find something else to do. This is my show and I’m takin it national. Besides he’s already got his own broadcast network on cable and radio. What does he need more publicity for? If he does enter the race, I’ll cut him down to size so fast he’ll wish he never set foot in the ring. Just look at the powerful Bush family entry in the race along with the rest of the so called contenders. Bring on all commers, I’ll take ’em on one at a time or all at once. They can’t beat me cause if I do everything right I’ll win and if I mess up I’ll probably get stronger.” —©

Trump says Cruz not American

Waukee, Iowa January 15, 2016
Today Donald Trump further distanced himself from Senator Ted Cruz. “To tell you the truth I just don’t consider him an American. He wasn’t born here in the USA and he can’t be President. Period. He really shouldn’t have even been able to run for the Senate but his wife is connected to Goldman Sachs and they got about 1/2 a million dollars from them along with 1/2 a million dollars from Citibank. He’s a Massachusets trained lawyer with most of his family income on the books from Wall Street and then after his northeast connections and financings he backstabs the lot of them and bad mouths the people who lent him their support. He’s got a high IQ I think but he’s incredibly naive. He’s a true politician pandering to anyone who’ll listen. It’s been hard laying off highlighting his faults because he didn’t really break my cardinal rule till now. Is Cruz a low down snake? You figure it out. Meanwhile I can tell you he’s the stiffest most arrogant patronizing downright creepy guy on that stage. I mean I think I’ll be the nominee but anyone on that stage but Cruz is a better choice. Remember your ABC’s – Anyone But Cruz. You want the phoniest candidate – pick him. You want genuine authenticity and someone who speaks the truth despite the consequences then damn the torpedoes full speed ahead vote Trump.” —©