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New York, NY February 18, 2019
“I am still so excited about our huge victory over the richest man in the world! No one can say the little man can’t win anymore! We did it. And now we will allocate the Dollars where they are most needed. First to jobs training. We need jobs here in Queens. We’ve got to put our people to work. Education is next. We have to educate our citizens to be ready for any corporation that may want to set up shop here in Queens where I was elected. Remember, luck is just where preparation meets opportunity. We never know when a large employer from a distant place might choose our city for their far-flung operations, maybe even a new headquarters! Yes, it is rare for an entrenched company to move tens of thousands of potential positions to a new location. It is expensive and time consuming but we must be ready. Now that we have saved the 3 billion dollars that we would have had to give Jeff Bezos we can build schools and training centers – maybe even some health clinics for our citizens. Bottom line, we will allocate the money and keep it out of the greedy hands of entrepreneurs and so-called business people. We, the duly elected representatives of the people, will begin these programs as soon as I am informed where the 3 billion dollars that we were going to credit Amazon with is being held. After they tell me where it is, I’ll post a photo on instagram so you can all see the pile of cash, and then as we spend it, I’ll show you the people coming in to cart it away so we can build all our new facilities and programs”. ~~slater.com©


Seattle, WA January 22, 2018
“People think I have all kinds of money now but the truth is I really don’t. First, unless I sell my Amazon stock I don’t actually get any money because we don’t even pay a dividend. Zero. Then when I do sell a little stock, most of that money goes to my rocket company Blue Origin. Plus my accountant says that after I pay excise tax, property tax, millionaire tax, customs tax, border tax, state tax, federal tax, sales tax, withholding, Social security, medical insurance, FICO, LICO, BICO, FOFO and LIFO there’s not much left. Plus he said that I need to pay for undercoating, rustproofing, dealer holdback and mandated insurance with a 125 billion dollar umbrella. I don’t really think I’ll be able to slow down and take a breath until I have about 10 times my current net worth or 1 trillion dollars. Of course with inflation, I’m not sure that’d even be enough.” ~~slater.com©