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Washington, DC January 11, 2018
“I may just find a way to keep these beautiful kids here in the US. I might. I just might. Of course my base wants them to go. So it’s really a quandary. But not for me. I stay either way. They go. They stay. It’s really up in the air right now, isn’t it? Looks like this’ll be real good for the ratings especially when children are being evicted from the only home they’ve ever known. I couldn’t have asked my writers for a more suspenseful script. What will I do? Who’ll stay and who’ll go? This episode is going to kill it during sweeps week. You’ll just have to sit on the edge of your seats biting your nails until I decide.” ~~slater.com©


Washington, DC September 6, 2017
“I love me my precious dreamers. You are very much cared for and loved. It’s my tough love approach that will make you and this great country of ours stronger. Go, go out into the world. Seek your fortune and your fate. Leave the nest my little dreamer babies, well some of you are almost 30 now aren’t you? I love you all…I do so much it hurts me more than it hurts you I’ll bet. I expect to hear great things from you little dreamers. And one day, if you’re good, maybe you can return to the USA with your head held high and a new confidence as you will have faced down the world with a grit you could only have picked up here in America. Yes, my baby dreamers, we give you a big gift as we push off your little rowboats from our pleasant shores and send you out like Cuba did in their boat lift. Goodbye dreamers, you will thank me later, believe me.” ~~slater.com©