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Cleveland, OH July 21, 2016
“Vote your heart for freedom. Hear the bell of the people ringing and pull the lever with my name on it or write me in for the love of country. You know in your heart that only I can espouse and then execute on true conservative principles. Not Donald Trump or his thoughtless minions. It has to be me. I’m still available as a write-in. Use your voting power to send a message to Donald and his followers that we will not move. We will not be shaken. We will not change our positions for the convenience of the moment. Fly the Cruz flag next to the Stars and Stripes proudly. And if somehow I don’t get enough write-in votes to ascend to the Presidency and Hillary is elected then I can always try again in 2020. Remember I’m all about you and the USA not self-centered like the Donald. Vote your conscience fellow citizens.” —slater.com©


Edinburgh Scotland June 26, 2016
“This is great for me. I will make boatloads of money off of this decision and I think I was instrumental in guiding the Brits to this outcome. That is what you call true leadership. And yes I have my own self interest at heart. You don’t? There is really not much of a difference between the interests of the US and my personal holdings. Not the way I see it anyway. You’ve got to get up in the morning and take what’s truly yours if you want it like I do. Dream big dreams and don’t let anyone stand in your way. I told my fellow Scotsman to get on board or be left behind. Now some of these losers are buried under tons of dirt. At least their precious views are anyway. Play ball with me and I may throw a few crumbs your way. Act like my Scottish neighbors and I can leave your house sitting in the dark behind a 20 foot wall. They fought me and they lost. Losers loose. Read my books. So there are a lot of crybabies in Scotland right now who wasted their time fighting against me. But I cut the ribbon and launched one of the most beautiful courses anyway. Now they lost and their property is way down in value and they are behind a mountain of Trump dirt which they can stare at until they come to their senses and sell to me which is inevitable because winners win. It wouldn’t surprise me if Scotland ultimately joins up with the US after they break away from the UK and become a territory of the US. I’m not expansionist mind you but we have a lot to offer under my stewardship and I look forward to forming alliances with many willing partners during my terms”. —slater.com©


New York, NY June 16,2016
“They better mind their manners. If little Pauly don’t shut his pie hole, I’ll run without them. I’m not sure if it will be the Trump party or some other thing but I’m the leader of the Republicans now and if they don’t heave to I’ll find people who will. Y’know I don’t need a single one of those losers. Today loser McCain is stealing my line about Obama being responsible for the Orlando mess. But it was my idea about Obama. Where was he for the last few years while I was out on the campaign trail informing the ignorant and uneducated masses? Losers. Losers lose, I tell you. Always. They have no right to call themselves Republicans, not even Prince Reibus the so called party head. Please. He’s with me one day and against me the next. That’s not leadership and I can do without him and easily. These guys are an anchor holding me back. Just shut up and let me be me. The workers party needs to get to work and quick. Little Paulie Ryan is spouting his mouth off about separate but equal powers. He doesn’t get it. That’s where the gridlock comes from. He’s part of it. I’m the roto-rooter guy and only I can snake out the lines and flush all the congestion from the system. But they’ve got to get behind me, everything I stand for and everything that I say. We must move as one. For the last time, zip it while I’m outside the beltway because after I move in you pathetic losers will wish you did.” —slater.com©


New York, NY June 14,2016
“I had to do it. They weren’t playing fair. I’m the only one who can do this. If there’s one thing I stand for it’s the truth. On this everybody is in agreement. Truth is paramount to my entire makeup. After all, without truth what do our words really mean? Think about it and give thanks that a truth-teller is in this race for leader of the free world. The Washington Post has irked me like nobody’s business so I’m pulling my invites and barring them at the door to my exclusive events. The reason so many people fight to get in to see me is that air of complete exclusivity. I’m not always in town. Catch my act when you can. Don’t miss it. It’ll be a party, you can count on that, my friends. But don’t expect to see Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post operatives milling around the press corral cause I’m closing the barn door before they even get in. I won’t have to say get ’em out of here cause they won’t even be allowed in to start with. Bye Washington Post and I’m sure gonna check to see if any of my staff has been ordering from Amazon too. That’s just another Jeff Bezos tool that I need to look into. Did amazon stock and promote my red hats? My ties? My water and my steaks? Or did they bury my products where nobody could see them and highlight Hillarys merchandise instead? Look, until the Washington Post gets with the program and starts to align their thinking with reality, I will continue the ban even if I’m elected President including Press Conferences.” —slater.com©


New York, NY June 7, 2016
“I’m not a racist. I really don’t even know exactly what that means. And I don’t think anyone else does either. I’m a purist. I like easy to understand things. I understand that I may have insulted Mexicans with my wall idea. That’s why I think the judge is ruling against me. He’s the racist. It’s my race that wants a wall and he’s against me and my race and my wall. Think about that instead of always accusing me of being a bigot and prejudiced. Remember everyone of my fellow Republican opponents asked me to back down from one position or another. Where are they today? I’m no racist by the way. More than 66% of my wives were not born in the USA. That means that 4/5 of my children are first generation Americans like the Indiana judge. My mother was not born in the USA so even an all american apple pie patriot like I am is the child of an immigrant. That proves I’m not a racist. Is Hillary a first generation American like me and most of my wives and kids? Think about that people. Maybe I’m the immigrant leader. The immigrant prototype. I’m the hero of the oppressed people who are yearning to breathe free. I want them to come here and follow my lead. I’m not the one against them. I’m one of them and the most real and genuine foreigner lover you’re likely to meet.” —slater.com©


Washington DC May 31, 2016
“I’m a counter puncher. This is well known. I fight back. Always. Look back in history. All the strong men have done this. I’m strong. It shouldn’t be a surprise. My family and my closest advisors know that I will continue this approach no matter who asks me to stop. The reason is simple. It’s a time saver. Does anyone badmouth the mafia? No. Why? Because they have been taught over the centuries that is not good for them. Likewise it is not good for anyone to speak about me or my money in anything but a respectful tone of complete reverence. In essence, I’m a teacher. I train people to move on and just accept what I say. Go against me and you’ll face a barrage like you never dreamed of negative dredged up slime and filth about you that even you weren’t aware of. By now you should know, I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I don’t care about your political affiliation or anything else for that matter. I just want to make sure that you are aware of the consequences of your actions. Speak glowingly about me and you will be praised and rewarded. Speak ill of me and prepare for the onslaught. Fear is my stick and I’m not afraid to use it”. —slater.com©


New York, NY April 23, 2016
“I’ve had it with us accepting the hungry, tired and poor. Let them eat and get some rest where they were born. That statue is like a wretched billboard attracting just the kind of people we could very well do without. You know what I mean. I already know what you’re gonna say. Donald, your parents came from Germany and Scotland and were welcomed with open arms. Yeah, that was then when people of upstanding character came to the US with a debt to repay by working hard, learning to speak English and respecting the integrity of the nations culture. Now it’s a free for all where divergent goups gather together and set up armed war camps here in the US where they hate the very country that takes them in. And they grope onto every free handout program that we set up for the truly disadvantaged causing less resources to be available for those seriously in need and already here. I will admit that the statue is a nice piece of handiwork. It’s really too nice to leave to rust in the harbor. As a token of my gratitude to France and out of brotherly love I will dismantle the statue, pack up the pieces and fund an armed flotilla returning it to the very country that created it for them to do with as they see fit. I will replace the statue with a similarly sized statue bearing the distinct likeness of me, at my own expense of course. This new statue will represent the will of the people overturning the unfair rules of the Republican Party. As long as that statue of me remains standing in that spot everyone will know that an immigrant family can arrive in America virtually penniless and bear a son who can rise to be the richest most powerful man on the planet, GOP notwithstanding. The plaque at the base of the new statue of me will read in part: Bring us your best. We are the greatest country on earth and we are recruiting for the smartest, kindest, most industrious, inventive, healthy, hard working, loyal citizens on the planet. We charge an admission fee of 15% of your earnings – plus all applicable Federal and State taxes – for the first 10 years you are here and if you have been an upstanding individual and are all paid up you can become a citizen as long as you speak fluent English and can pass a brief history test including my life story. I am especially excited to get this copper lady back to France as I honor the original sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi by restoring the statue to its rightful homeland. Bartholdi’s true intentions for the metal colossus were to highlight the liberty of the US and inspire France to move away from a repressive monarchy while calling for true Democracy. It is my hope that returning Lady Liberty to France will finally show that her work here in the US is done and that her new assignment must be in her homeland where her light can shine brightly for another 130 years.” —slater.com©


New York, NY April 14, 2016
“I’m not gonna let them steal this election from the people without a fight! This country belongs to the people of the United States. All the people of the United States. Not just the millionaires and billionaires. Hillary wants a war. She got it! So one of the speakers at my rally in Washington Square Park last night made a comment that she took personally. It was about what you call someone who sells themselves for money. Hey guess what Hillary? What do you think would be appropriate to call someone who does just that? Yeah, maybe a slightly nicer word but the meaning is the same. You give speeches to Verizon, Goldman Sachs you name it. These speeches are really bribes for future favors. What? How dare you call speeches bribes, right? Look, what kind of an ego do you need to really believe that companies and countries really want to hear what you have to say to the tune of millions of dollars. They, as you know, are just trying to curry favor with you now and in the future. You’re looking for their backing and they’re looking for you to promote their agenda or at least not stop their progress. Oh don’t worry Hill dear, I wasn’t intimating that it’s just you. Do you really believe that Japan needed to give Ronald Reagan millions of dollars after he left office to hear him restate what he freely spoke of when in office. Hillary this is your establishments way of accepting dignified bribes. You and the Republicans aren’t fooling anyone. This is boldfaced lobbying and outright influence peddling. In the third world bribes are handed off in satchels full of cash. In your straight-laced above-board inner circle these payments are thoroughly washed by fronting them with business and speaking opportunities. It’s nothing more than a storefront for the political elite of both parties. Hey guess what Hill? The cat’s out of the bag. You are exposed. OK, you may wind up being President but the curtain is gonna be pulled back by me now and after the election as well. And please don’t let one of the unfortunate situations happen to me that seem to follow people on your enemies list. My thunderous youthful minions will run towards your White House with torches ablaze if you try it. Hey, here’s an idea. Why not work with us instead of falling back into your old ways? End on a high note for a change. Be authentic. Be real. Don’t be the eternal chameleon. Try reaching down into your own soul and finding your true self. You may just like what’s there. You probably haven’t seen it in a while. Get re-introduced. Either way though, I’m not going away. You’re gonna need to deal with me now and in the future. You will invite me to the White House for progressive talks. I’ll make it easy for you to recognize me when I get there. I’ll be the same person I’ve been for the last 50 years. Saying the same things. Authentically me. And I’ll be wearing the same suit and tie as well”. —slater.com©


Wisconsin March 24, 2016
“People attacking Donald Trump and his wife are not under my control. I stay above board at all times with an even temper and a calm demeanor. A steady hand at the wheel. On the other hand Trump is flailing out there yelling his head off and continuing to insult women which is indefensible because they are frail and cannot defend themselves. We must stand up for the women that Donald is verbally accosting. They have no way to stop him other than our chivalrous defense. Donald cannot continue to degrade and denigrate women reporters and other candidates wives. We won’t stand for it and the American people won’t either. I’m asking here and now for the Donald to refrain from his childish and lowbrow behavior, to climb out of the gutter and return national politics to the dignified status that it should always command.”

Trump responded, “Lyin Ted can stick it. Y’know lyin Ted is a typical politician. He says and does whatever he thinks will get him the most applause at the moment and he is a consummate bridge burner. He is hated in congress and has massive negative energy and is virtually unlikable. I mean have they ever had anyone test worse than him on likability? When my buddy Mitt Romney asked his people in Utah to vote for Ted he was holding his nose and didn’t support him in any way, it was just a tactic to try and slow me down. Even Ted’s supporters just want to figure out a way to snatch this nomination from the voters. In the end though, everyone will see through Teds and Mitts electoral trickery. Ted is like Iran. Yeah you heard me. His proxies do all the dirty work just like Iran and then Ted stands on the stage and says WHO ME? My hands are clean. You ain’t foolin no one lyin Ted. It’s you and your cronies who’ll do anything to get power. But in the end the American people won’t be any more fooled by your obvious misdirection than your colleagues in the Senate who to the one can’t stand the sight of you.” —slater.com©


Washington, DC March 22, 2016
“Good for him. I’m glad Obama is in Cuba. I’ve learned a lot from watching his trip there over the last few days. After I win the Presidency I intend to model some of my policies after the Castro regime. Of course I’ll employ a democratic and capitalist twist, but essentially there is a lot to like down there. First of all one family controls an island off the coast of the supposedly most powerful nation in the world where they do whatever they want. And whatever they want is just what one family says must be done. I understand that they are moving quickly now to officially change the name of the island from Cuba to Castro Island. I hear they said that with the US blessing they can come out from behind the curtain and just lay everything bare. It’s their island and they’ll do what they want. How are they different from the middle east where individual families pass countries down to their sons in their wills? The same thing would work here and if you look closely at my rallies and the government sweeps taking place in Cuba yesterday, there is a certain authoritarian similarity which quite frankly suits my preference for order and peace and tranquility. Everyone who knows me knows that I like things neat and organized. Proper behavior will be rewarded and the opposite can also be true. Get with the program and climb aboard the TrumpTrain while the whistle is blowing, cause after we leave the station I might just question your loyalty to the regime. No, I’m not afraid to use that word in describing my upcoming administration. We can get more done than the Cubans because I’ll use the best of what they do and combine it with American values and my special brand of steamroller technology that pushes things forward when everyone else gets caught in a log jam. People think that I think I have all the answers but wise people look everywhere for inspiration and I think I found some in Cuba.” —slater.com©