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Cupertino, CA November 16, 2015
Apple chief Tim Cook announced today that he will not under any circumstances introduce a combination iPad Mac. “I won’t do it. I refuse to believe that we’d sell a single unit. Remember we seem to know what people want before they do, right? So it just stands to reason that it is within our purview to decide who gets what and when. And I can tell you right here right now, we will not attach a physical keyboard to our iPad. Not now and not ever. Why should we? Nobody’d buy one or need one or use one. N O B O D Y. Not now, not ever.” The Apple leader was asked if he could even perceive of a valid use-case for an Apple-based Surface-like product. “No, who would need to carry around a mobile video screen and a keyboard? For what reason? What possible purpose could there be in doing so?” Cook was asked about similarities with his MacBook Air lineup and other lightweight laptops. Cook said, “Our other products may look similar to HP’s laptops or Microsoft’s surface tablet but their screens fold around to the back causing people to mistake them for tablets. We put a stopper on our laptops so the keyboard always stays close to the screen, never out of sight like theirs. Of course we do sell an accessory keyboard that you can lean the iPad on, but you don’t have to take it with you if you don’t want to. They may have something similar but we think of the little things and that in part is why we are the most valuable company in the world measured by market cap.” Cook was asked if the real reason he doesn’t want to promote product convergence is that it could reduce the number of products that consumers and businesses might need and purchase from him? “No, a thousand times no. Apple is and always has been about the customer. If the customer really wanted a surface-like product or an HP flip-screen model we’d simply develop a better one and offer the Apple upgrade to their users. But we know that it is multiple products that consumers and businesses want and need. Each unique product is a specialty item with a singular purpose. These are dedicated machines not toasters with radios in them. Consumers and businesses will ultimately have a centralized Apple Power Charging Station(APCS) where they will place their MacBook, Air, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Apple TV and other electronic chargable specialty items each with a specific purpose in mind. Have a need? Check your Apple product inventory for just the right offering. If you’re going camping, take our iPad+ with real AppleToughSkin padding. Drop it in the woods, float it down the river, toss it to a friend, heck use it for a frisbee because this baby can take it. Need something light weight for a quick flight, take our new AppleHover pad. Impress your business associates with a tablet that floats 2 inches off any flat surface, projects a hologram that can be activated by AppleStem finger-mounted pointer-pods and none of you touches anything while still presenting the future to your clients in a next big thing kind of way. From our fashionable watchbands to our customizable product line-up Apple continues to be all about individuality and choice.” —slater.comĀ©