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Washington, DC February 16, 2020
“A President must be big, like me. Mikey can’t win cause he can’t reach the top at his height. And you gotta be in it to win it. See? Look, this is all about putting on a really big show. You need a big personality, a big storyline, dramatic plots with shocking reversals and most of all, showman-ship. The kids just not gonna put asses in the seats. This job calls for someone bursting with energy and gumption. I’m the only one who can drive an interesting and exciting agenda so the people don’t nod off. You gotta keep their interest. I’m unpredictable, you don’t know what I’ll do next. Try and stop me. You can’t stop me. I’m rolling down the hill like an out-of-control boulder. I can’t be stopped. Mikey will put you to sleep. You want to hear him talk about his boring agenda for this country? No, you want to be stimulated by my flashy headliners and punchy one-liners. I got the action with me. You can’t look away. Nobody keeps their attention like me. I’ll roll out a script for the spring that’ll knock your socks off! I’m pitching it to FOX right now and I’m pretty sure it’ll get green-lighted. Stay tuned.” ~~slater.com©


Des Moines, Iowa February 7, 2020
“Bernie says I’m trying to buy the election, but in reality, he is the one schmearing the dough and buttering palms in his attempt to get elected. Bernie Sanders is offering money to people in the form of canceling their debt on college loans. That is like handing out cash to pay bills. He also wants to hand out money to people in the form of healthcare. Free healthcare for all! Wonderfull! Uh, exactly what will be the motivation beyond goodwill that will get the best and brightest out of bed to study and practice for years the art and science of medicine? Oh, I know, because Bernie said to. Sorry Bernie, I am using my resources to advertise my candidacy. You are using your resources to promise reimbursement to many of your supporters. Although we’re both millionaires or billionaires, only one of us owes anyone anything post-election.” ~~slater.com©