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Washington, DC October 31, 2017
“These indictments were wrong. Hillary is the guilty one not my team. That I can tell you. They did it, not us. It’s them once again. Look over there to the Dems. Guilty is as guilty does. I don’t really know what that means but I know it fits this situation. Who is this Papadopolous? Can you prove we even paid him one red cent? No. Unpaid hanger on. Am I supposed to track everyone in the US and know what they are up to every moment even if they are not officially on my staff? I don’t think so. And Manafort doesn’t work for me either at least not when all this happened, I don’t think. And Gates, who is he? Let Bill Gates handle that, I’m not related. Bottom line is this, these are some of the most fake, reaching charges I’ve seen and I don’t think anything will even come of it. But I gotta say, they are creating a media spectacle and you know what that means. Ratings. Big, beautiful high ratings. This show could be the most watched and best ever”. ~~slater.comĀ©