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New York, NY March 13, 2016
“I like power. I like to jerk people around a bit. It was all in jolly good fun, no harm intended. I really never expected that Americans would take my FOX network seriously. But even when they did, I thought we were just a great counterpoint to the seemingly endless lopsided political rhetoric constantly being spewed out by the other networks. As the underdog we could nip at their heels and cause them some discomfort but I really never dreamed we would be an equal. I mean Donald Trump doesn’t exist without us laying the groundwork for him all of these years. We poured the foundation and built up the bricks and now he thinks he’ll just waltz into the White House without coming to see me and getting my blessing? I mean we don’t even get the credit for creating Trumpenstein? Who do you think made this possible? The Republican party is getting blamed/credited for stirring up the unwashed masses but if I hadn’t come over here and become a US citizen, there’d be no FOX and they’d of had no mouthpiece all these years now would they? I mean I surely have mixed emotions about Trump. I mean I take some pride in my role as at least partial creator of the Trump phenomena and I’m getting ratings like crazy as he is a consumate showman if nothing else. I’m also selling record amounts of my papers worldwide as global citizens are enthralled by Americas decline into the political gutter. It’s really my bailiwick don’t you know. But I live here in the US now and two things stick in my craw. First I set this whole thing up in part to accumulate power and control. So ironically my creation of Trump has given me neither as he doesn’t call or visit me looking for approval like all the others. Historically we could put out certain talking points that would be echoed on all my print and over the air properties causing selected candidates and elected officials to face certain indignation or cheers. Of course that was dependent on my personal viewpoints or that of those I directly promoted. While we didn’t control every word or decision made, I certainly wielded a sort of massive psudo-control over a high percentage of government such that I could move key ideas to the forefront and block those that didn’t suit me as well. But Trump appears to be mostly immune to our standard offensives and I’m feeling more like the common man every day, just an observer to the process when I’d much prefer my role as master manipulator and key mover and shaker. If I could go back I might have stayed in Australia and watched from a distance, if not for my sake then that of my grandchildren.” —slater.com©

Rupert Murdoch encouraged but wistful at his Fox News being named Americas most trusted Broadcast news source

New York March 11,2015
During an impromptu news conference held today in front of Fox News HQ at 1211 Avenue of the Americas CEO Rupert Murdoch said, “I would not have predicted that we could have accomplished so much of our plan so quickly. I mean if you had told me when we started that we would be the new “Walter Cronkite” after being in existence for such a comparatively short period of time I’d not have believed it. You know, we had to pay money to certain operators just to get them to carry our news initially. So it’s really a great day for us and today’s my birthday to boot! But I was hoping for a little more fight from the people though, I must tell you. I mean when you go fishing if the fish just jump into the boat, well, it’s not the same as a long struggle and ultimate success. This somehow doesn’t feel like you guys really gave it your best shot. Anyway we’ll take the win and dig even deeper into the culture of America to make fair and balanced change”. When asked why he initially founded the news division Murdoch responded,” Well, I really was interested in seeking some sort of retribution against Great Britain at first. As you know they set up part of Australia as a penal colony and although I don’t believe that my ancestors were among that group I am Australian first. So I felt a kinship with the original settlers and nobody likes to be abandoned in this manner.” You mean like The Wrath of Khan? “Well, I’m not sure of exactly what you mean by that but I got a little tired of creating sensationalized headlines and borderline pornographic newspaper spreads in the UK. I discovered that in the United States you could simply apply for citizenship and own as many media properties as a family who had been in the US for generations. I liked the openness and welcoming arms of America and I knew that I could leverage that to my advantage.” How so?,” Well, once you have an audience of tens of millions of voters, the incumbent politicians must take your call. Although they all love their country, I’ve never met one who was not seduced by the power of their job and ironically that puts them right where I want them.” That sounds kind of cryptic. Can you tell us what you mean by that? “Yes, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, etc. enjoy receiving positive upbeat coverage and conversely dislike negative stories. We write the copy. If they want our help they give us their ear.” What are you saying? “I’m saying that if our on-air staff from the anchors on down wish to continue to receive their inflated bi-weekly paychecks they better pay close attention to our daily distributed talking points and if the politicians want their best shot at election or re-election they’d also be well advised to stay in line as well.” Do they always obey? “No, of course not. These are bright individuals with active intelligent minds of their own. They do what they believe is in the best interest of their constituents. We merely advise their constituents what is in their best interest first. It’s all quite simple and above board, that I can fully assure you.” slater.com©