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Mountain View, CA. October 6, 2016
“The valley is about constant innovation and reinvention. If we just rest on our laurels we’ll only get as far as we’ve already been and no further. We want to step boldly into the future. To do that we sometimes need to make painful decisions. This was one of them. It really all started with search. Search brought us to the party. But it’s becoming a commodity. You can find whatever you need on ask, bing, duckduckgo, or dogpile. The delta between us and them has been shrinking and historically so do the margins. Once a product goes generic, it’s time to move on. Let yahoo add our distinctiveness to their own and a superior product should emerge. We will retain a non-material equity position in Verizon who is scheduled to aquire yahoo in the future. We plan to reinvest the proceeds in flying cars, balloon internet delivery platforms and life extension research.” —slater.com©


Mountain View, CA. February 9, 2016
Alphabet subsidiary Google today defended itself against rumors that former Google Exec Marrisa Mayer was offered to Yahoo as a method of taking down one of their largest competitors. “We didn’t do that”, said Google spokesperson Sven Searcharsky. “And we wouldn’t do anything like that. Sergey offered her solid advice prior to her departure and we cannot be held responsible beyond that. We want a vibrant competitive marketplace where inovation and fairness rule the day. We don’t plot and plan Yahoo’s destruction. We press on with our own strategy and if we just happen to strike a cord in the marketplace we’ll gain share. We didn’t twist their arm to take her anyway. Right now we seem to be hitting all the right notes with our businesses. Believe it or not we’d like a stronger Yahoo to help keep regulators off our back. Yes, we expect to win but there’s a pretty big pie out there and even 20 or 30% of it could make a nice business for our competition. I mean we’ll compete for their share if they’re just going to walk away and become a holding company for Alibaba stock. But our attitude has always been do your best, don’t be evil and let the chips fall where they may. All of the conspiracy theories we read about are pure fiction and would be best purchased from Amazon not printed in the paper or distributed online. Besides who’s to say that Verizon, the phone company who bought AOL won’t do a great job if they aquire Yahoo? I mean finally AOL and Yahoo would conclude their dance and merge perhaps creating all kinds of promised synergies that will save millions, right? Don’t always look to us as the cause of other companies problems. AOL was smoothly absorbed into Verizon recently so who’s to say that if Yahoo also becomes a part of Verizon’s burgeoning media and telephony conglomerate that technical clarity, visibility and clean simple code won’t be the outcome? Everyone wins.” —slater.com©